Bi-Annual Moose Day


Summer Routes

If seeing moose in the woods makes your day, and you love to hike or drive through the beautiful forests outside of Laramie, this event is for you.

Summer Event Routes


We have two types of routes for Summer Moose Day: Driving and Hiking.

Driving routes are all on major US Forest Service roads; you will go approximately 20 miles per hour.  Driving routes are marked in blue.

Hiking routes are mostly along creek beds, US Forest Service roads and trails.  They range from 2 to 8 miles in length, and are all considered moderate difficulty unless noted otherwise.  Hiking routes are marked in red.

Browse Routes By Area:


PLease review the routes below and click here to register!

Vedauwoo / Happy Jack area

Vedauwoo / Happy Jack area

701.E: 4 miles round trip

705.G: 2 miles round trip - ADOPTED

705.KA: 3 miles round trip

707.C: 3 miles round trip

Blair Wallis: 4 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Headquarter Trailhead: 2 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Hwy 210 to USFS 701: 2 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Middle Crow: 5 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Middle Crow (700.B): 3 miles round trip - ADOPTED

North Branch of Crow Creek: 3 miles round trip

North Lodgepole (driving route): 19.6 miles total - ADOPTED

North Lodgepole (hiking route): 5.5 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Pole Creek: 4 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Pole Creek Campground: 4 miles round trip - ADOPTED

South Branch of Crow Creek: 2 mile round trip - ADOPTED

South Lodgepole: 4 miles round trip

Turtle Rock: 4 miles round trip - ADOPTED

Upper Middle Crow: 4 mile loop

Upper North Branch of Crow Creek: 3 miles round trip  - ADOPTED

Upper South Branch of Crow Creek (707.D): 3 miles round trip

Snowy Range South Area

Snowy Range South Area

Bear Creek: 3 miles total

Boswell Creek: 4 miles total

Boswell to USFS 530 (driving route): 26.9 miles total - ADOPTED

Fox Park & Rob Roy (driving route): 35.6 miles total 

Illinois Creek: 5 miles total

Lake Owen: 4 miles total - ADOPTED

N. Fork of Gramm Creek: 7 miles total

Pelton Creek: 6.6 miles total - ADOPTED

Platte Ridge: 3.2 miles total - ADOPTED

Rails to Trails Route: 4 miles total

Squirrel Creek: 4 miles total

Snowy Range North Area

Snowy Range North Area

Brooklyn/Sheep Lake: 6.4 miles total

Deep Creek: 2 miles total - ADOPTED

Ehlin Road (driving route): 18 miles total

Four Log Park: 5.5 miles total

Grassy Lake: 6.3 miles total - ADOPTED


Jim Creek: 6.6 miles total - ADOPTED

Lakes Trail: 9.75 miles total

N. Fork of Rock Creek: 5 miles total

North Laramie: 9.5 miles total

Rock Creek Knoll: 9.5 miles total

Sand Lake: 4.2 miles total - ADOPTED

Arlington Area

Arlington Area

Rock Creek: 4.2 miles total  - ADOPTED

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